Installing MongoDB on your Mac

There are a few steps:

  • First, you install Homebrew. It’s not a mandatory thing but it just simplifies the process. If you are not familiar with Homebrew, check this out.

  • Next, find the MongoDB tap.

brew tap mongodb/brew

  • Now, install MongoDB.

brew install mongodb-community

Now, you are ready to go to install MongoDB locally. Btw. When writing this post I was using macOS Catalina but had to update to macOS Big Sur as some of the dependencies couldn’t be installed on a lower version of the macOS.

Preparations for macOS Catalina onwards

Apple created a new Volume in Catalina for security purposes. If you’re on Catalina, you need to create the /data/db folder in System/Volumes/Data.

Go and use this command:

sudo mkdir -p /System/Volumes/Data/data/db

Then, you have to add the permissions to it so use below command for that:

sudo chown -R id -un /System/Volumes/Data/data/db

Using MongoDB

In the past, you could run the mongod command to start MongoDB. This no longer works out for the box from MongoDB v4.2.3 onwards.

Starting MongoDB

Use this command:

brew services run mongodb-community

You can use start instead of run. However start will start MongoDB automatically when you login into your machine.

Checking if MongoDB is running

Use this command:

brew services list | grep mongo

If MongoDB is running, mongodb-community will have a status set to started. Eg.

mongodb-community started              /usr/local/opt/mongodb-community/homebrew.mxcl.mongodb-community.plist

MongoDB Shell

Use this command:


Stopping MongoDB

Use this command:

brew services stop mongodb-community

Aliases to make these easier

You can specify your own aliases in .zshrc file if you don’t want to type rew services run mongodb-community every time I want to start MongoDB. More about the aliasses you can find here

I created some aliases to make things easier for me. Here are my aliases:

alias mongod-run='brew services run mongodb-community'
alias mongod-status='brew services list | grep mongo'
alias mongod-stop='brew services stop mongodb-community'